How to motivate employees to avoid making mistakes

If employees often sit in the kitchen, discussing the political situation in Zimbabwe and forget about all deadlines - do not rush to issue fines. Maybe it's all about you as a leader. Maybe you need to motivate your employees better.
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How to motivate employees to avoid making mistakes

Yes, all people are different, and what motivates one, the other will not care. But you need to try to motivate employees, because the success of the company depends on it.

Why an employee may not be motivated

If you exclude situations when an employee does not want to work at all, but wants to receive a large salary, there are only a few of the most important reasons for lack of motivation.

  • The employee does not know or understand their tasks and responsibilities. If an employee doesn't have any instructions and the work front is blurred, they will do the job poorly.
  • The employee does not see the relationship between the result of their work and remuneration. It seems to him that he has done a lot and the reward is not worth it. And the reward may not only be material. For him, such work is simmilar to a waste of time, so he will do it without enthusiasm, until at some point he decides to change his workplace.
  • The team has a toxic atmosphere. When the company is playing games under the table, employees are knocking and scheming, and the boss encourages all this, no one can work effectively at all.
  • The employee has no ambitions. It will not be possible to achieve any fantastic results from it. And any attempt to "push" can result in a negative on his part.

How to motivate employees

There is no universal way to motivate employees. The characters, desires and reasons for lack of motivation are all different. Therefore, you need to find your own approach to each employee. But you do not need to fantasize, there are not so many ways to motivate.

Material incentive

The most common method of motivation is to give money. It is unlikely that anyone will refuse additional cash bonuses. But be careful here: not all employees are only interested in money. Many work for the sake of a team, a common idea or even for the sake of encouragement from the outside. Well, keep in mind that if an employee does not enjoy working in the company, no amount of money will keep them.

And so, here's what you can try:

  • Increase your salary. Even a 5-10% increase will motivate employees for several months ahead.
  • Give bonuses. Mark the employees who performed well this month: they made an important deal, sold the most and found a major client. The bonus may not be very large, but such attention from the head can be very motivating.
  • Send employees for training and pay for it. This investment will be returned three times when all the skills you have acquired will come to life. In addition, this method of motivation will unite your employees, which is also good.
  • Pay for repairs to offices, rest rooms or kitchens. No one wants to work when the ceiling is leaking, the refrigerator is too loud singing praises and the computer is constantly hanging. A comfortable workplace is the key to productive work.
  • Make corporate discounts. A permanent employee discount of, say, 20% will boost you in the eyes of people, and even increase sales.
  • Give gifts. Envelopes with money, certificates, flowers on holidays and not only. For example, the most productive employee at the end of the year can be given a gym membership or a certificate in the SPA - let them relax.
  • Make pleasant surprises. A day off, an extra hour for lunch, payment for mobile communications, free lunch - that is very nice.

Non-material incentive

So, let's go back to those who work for the sake of the team, the idea and general approval. Yes, there are some people for whom humanity and good relations with the head are more important than any money.

  • Be open. Do not hide in the office, be in the circle of employees, communicate, listen to suggestions and thank them. The employee should know that they can always contact you.
  • Make it clear that every employee is as important as their opinion. If it doesn't feel like a valuable frame, the motivation tends to zero.
  • Praise. Even a simple "well done" or "great job!" can raise the mood and productivity of any employee.
  • Organize corporate outings. Holidays, trips, active or board games - all this can help to establish contact with employees, defuse the situation and prevent burnout.
  • Allow to work remotely. Or at least don't forbid it. This is generally a good way to motivate - personally, this is one of the main requirements for a job. I think now everyone has felt hat there is nothing wrong with remote job.

What mistakes should be avoided

Many heads do not understand what motivation is and how to work with it, so they make stupid mistakes.

  • Understand that employees need external motivation. Of course, a person's internal motivation plays an important role in their life. But you should not rely on this in your work. Otherwise, sooner or later, you will get unpleasant results - when the company falls apart, there will not be a single loyal employee left.
  • Don't transfer your perception to your employees. What motivates you doesn't have to motivate everyone else. If you think that a good salary is enough for an employee to do everything you say and really try - I have bad news for you.
  • Don't generalize all employees. Everyone needs to choose their own incentive. Talk to employees separately. Everyone has different goals and desires, so ask them what they would like. This will help provide different opportunities for work and professional growth.
  • Do not fine in any unclear situation. I especially do not recommend using monetary penalties. This is perceived as theft, creates a bad atmosphere and causes negativity. If you really want to motivate "from the opposite", start from the interests and characters of employees. Someone who likes the freedom to work? Control it for a few weeks. Does anyone like to take part in meetings? Don't call him to them.

Building a team that is motivated to achieve success (cliche, but vital) is a big task for any head. Tips from the article will help you not to screw up and move in the right direction. Good luck!

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