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Those who make the WEEK your assistant

Ivan Marakhovka


Yamil Muhametshin


"Is it working? Don't touch it!"

Nikita Rodionov

Team Lead

I develop interfaces, watch movies, do martial arts

Inga Skers


I use WEEEK for tasks, you gotta try it

Alexander Nikiforov


I like to set tasks and wait for their completion on time

Sergey Tyrgola


I like to catch Exception and refactor code

Anastasia Fomina


I'm writing code for cool interfaces. I love it when it's logical, beautiful and fun. I skate, play tennis and get high in the mountains.

Sergey Kolesnikov


I really like to write programs where I feel like a builder of the world. I love good music and travel.

Artyom Kudryashov


"Artyom, so what?) can you come up with a text today?)"

Elena Matveeva

Head of Content

I convey the meanings and values of WEEEK through words and pictures. I adore books, sports, and my dog

Dmitriy Shatalov


I strive to make as many teams as possible know about WEEEK

Elizaveta Maltseva


I do illustrations and drawings, I love animation. In my free time I read manga and do yoga

Shadiev Adam


If variables are declared, then someone needs it...

Arseny Malykh

Product Manager

Inga's right hand and your person in WEEEK

Timur Nahrachev


I click on the keyboard creating interfaces, sometimes play games, and watch series.

Sonya Lukyanova

Junior Editor

I write and edit texts in WEEEK, cook soups, and raise a kitty.

Dmitry Semyaninov

UX/UI Designer

I professionally move pixels in Figma.

Anna Poletaeva

Assistant to the CEO

Anna, where's Ivan?

Snezhana Tikhonova


I help my colleagues analyze data and make decisions based on them, and in my spare time I raise the weather and play rugby

Rukia Bagaudin

Author of the "Help" section

I am writing a manual for WEEEK to make it accessible to everyone


We are looking for specialists who will become part of WEEEK

If you like to be productive, you have everything "on the shelves" and you want to become part of a product that helps to be more effective — we are waiting for you!
A cool team, an office in the center of Moscow (remote location is possible), a competitive salary and professional growth are provided.

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