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WEEEK is constantly evolving and acquiring new features. There is everything here to stay productive and not get bogged down in a routine.
Board view
Follow your workflow with fully customizable kanban boards.
Create subtasks up to 6 nesting levels. Use them as a checklist or as full tasks.
Task covers
Highlight important tasks in a mess with the help of covers.
Time tracker
Starting to work on a task? Set a timer so you know how long you work.
Calendar view
Control your load with a calendar for the day and week.
Access and permissions
Give access to projects and boards only to certain members.
Dark theme
Spare your eyes and work effectively even in the dark.
Set up automatic actions when moving tasks between columns on boards.
List view
Manage tasks with simple lists: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, etc.
Tags (Mentions)
Tag members in the comments via @.
Work in short productive sessions and take small breaks. The built-in Pomodoro timer will help you not get confused.
When someone set a timer on a task, everyone can see that he is working on it.
Attach to the tasks any files that may be needed during its execution.
Set a deadline for each task to let an executor understand how much time he has.
Do less to do more with hotkeys.
Task groups
Organize tasks on boards into groups to quickly filter out unnecessary ones. Ideal for sprints.
Notifications by the time
Set up notifications that will remind you of a task so that you don't forget about it.
Task types
Action, meeting or call? WEEEK displays each type of task differently and sends notifications about them.
Task Links
Copy link to the certain task and share with other members in chats. No need to explain what and where is.
Prioritize tasks with four levels of importance.
Filters and search
Quickly find tasks in any mode using search and filters by executor, type, and priority.
Subscribe to task updates to keep abreast of comments and changes.
3 gradient backgrounds to diversify your desktop.
Sort tasks on the Board or calendar manually or by key criteria.
Interface colors
Choose the color of buttons and other interface elements.
Task copies
Quickly duplicate tasks so you don't fill in all the data manually. Again and again.
Record the progress of work on a task, discuss details with colleagues and share files.
Write down and discuss ideas. Vote to choose the best. Turn them into tasks or projects.
Attach files from your favorite services to projects so that they are always at hand.
Repeatable tasks
Create regular tasks in one click. Customize repetition intervals with flexible settings.
Long tasks
Create long tasks that will take more than one day to work on. They will stand out from the rest.
Overdue tasks
If the task is not completed on time, we will mark it with a red flag to notify about the deadline. And we'll notify you.
Private projects
Manage access to projects. Create public or private to give access to not all participants.
Private tasks
Restrict access to others to view the certain task.
Private boards
Create private boards and invite a team to work there.
Attach tags to tasks to quickly find the ones you need.
Share your boards, projects, and tasks with others.
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