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Sales Managers

Sales are rising

Don't forget about meetings and phone calls, fix transaction statuses and forget about routine. Set goals and achieve them.

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Sales are rising

Create projects

You can give each project a name, description, and invite people to work together.

Build sales funnels

With the help of the boards and groups you can make any sales funnel, and then just drag cards with the applications from stage to stage.

Process requests

Using multi-level tasks with parameters (deadline, etc.), you can create tasks for any incoming requests and schedule reminders for future contacts with a potential client.

Assign those responsible

In WEEEK, you can easily change the person responsible for the task. For example, if one of the sales managers went on vacation.

Distribute resources

In special reports, you can view workloads and reallocate work to use all the features of the team.

Work with a PRO

With it, you can build a truly productive sales department.

Sell more

Sell more

Spend time communicating with the client and preparing profitable offers and WEEEK will help you with task management.

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tasks, projects, Kanban boards, Gantt, calendars, reminders and notifications in Telega™ - all this is free in the team for you