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Marketing will start to bring cool results

Manage the work of copywriters, designers, target specialists and other professionals. Turn traffic into leads, and leads into money.

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Marketing will start to bring cool results

Create projects for advertising campaigns

You can give each project a name, description, and invite people to work together.

Plan your work

Using multi-level tasks with parameters (deadline, etc.), it is very easy to develop products and launch campaigns on time.

Organize your work with boards and groups

For example, you can move an issue to the "In progress" column or add it to the "Regular mailings" group.

Share responsibilities within the team

Invite people to the team, assign responsible people in the following areas: PR, SMM, content, advertising, and so on.

Analyze the readiness of the campaigns

View reports on projects and boards. Monitor the productivity of your team.

Use a PRO

With it you can plan and implement large-scale projects.

Implement your plan

Implement your plan

Spend time on marketing and creativity and WEEEK will help you with task management.

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tasks, projects, Kanban boards, Gantt, calendars, reminders and notifications in Telega™ - all this is free in the team for you