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Working together on group projects. Conducting individual research projects. Practical work with students
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Managing the tasks of the student organization. Personal planning. Schedule and attendance tracking. Work schedule
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Creation of a personal and public Knowledge Base. Notes. Structure of lectures according to the curriculum
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Ability to restrict access to individual projects, boards, documents. Each participant will see only what he can
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We provide access to the Pro tariff features for free if you study or work at a public educational institution, and the purpose of using the platform is related to educational processes
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Samara State Technical University

When I saw WEEEK for the first time more than a year ago, I was very interested in this project. The platform's functionality met all the requirements I needed to work on development and research projects for student teams. I was immediately attracted by the attitude of developers and support staff towards users.

They work 24/7, answer questions at any time of the day, fasten features on request with lightning speed. I would especially like to note the availability of an academic license that allows students and teachers to work with the platform for free. The WEEEK allowed me to save a lot of time when working on projects.

Victor E. Parfenov
Senior Lecturer
Moscow State Regional University

WEEEK helped to optimize and simplify training and project tasks. With the use of this service, it has become much easier to plan your activities. The Pomodoro timer allows you to work efficiently and not forget about breaks. The knowledge base is my favorite section.

I really like to structure information and see the order in my notes and summaries, and the knowledge base is indispensable in this matter. An amazing alternative to Google Docs and Notion. Thank you very much to the WEEEK service for the great opportunity to keep your schedule under control ♥️

Golovkova Darya Valeryevna
Kuban State University

We use the WEEEK system in the educational process to teach students the basics of system analysis. We show the basics of working with the task system and the documentation system, and apply them to students' first experience in team development. We use access matrices to check individual and team work of students. The system is suitable for solving these tasks. There are shortcomings, but the system is constantly being improved, improvements are visible over several months of operation.

We want to continue using the system in teaching students further at the Faculty of Computer Technology and Applied Mathematics.

Juke Arseny
Senior Lecturer
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