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What we do: development and plans

We show our plans for the future so that you are aware of the product development and can participate.

Change log

Coming up 11


Advanced team management

Now the team will have its own page - with an avatar, description and goals.

Task manager

Epics and Themes (Milestones)

We will add a new type of tasks for top-level planning. It will help to work with the gantt chart.

Task manager

Project status management and change history

It will be possible to leave comments on current changes in the project. Mini-reports will help you always be up-to-date of the project

Task manager

Story Points estimation

Story point estimation is a technique used in Agile project management to replace task estimation in time or money.


Appointment calendar

Automated scheduling mini-service that makes the process of finding meeting times easy.

Task manager

Tasks from Telegram

It will enable you to turn Telegram messages into WEEEK tasks

Task manager

Flexible tags

It will be possible to set individual tags for each particular service and to control them via settings

Task manager

Calendar in "My Tasks"

We'll be adding a calendar to the "My Tasks" section, which will display daily plans on an hourly basis


Guest Editing

We will introduce editing capabilities for guests. A guest can be assigned as a performer, and they will be able to create, move, and complete tasks

Task manager

Task Dependencies

The ability to maintain dependencies between tasks will be introduced. When the date is changed in one task, the dates in the entire chain of dependent tasks will shift accordingly for the same duration


New Sharing Features

We will update the sharing capabilities for everything: tasks, boards, calendars, and documents. Sharing information will become easier and more convenient

Priority 12

Task manager

Poker planning within a task

This will help you estimate the time to complete a task with several employees at once.

Task manager

Git integration

Make your development more convenient


Teams Screen

New interface design for teamwork. Avatars and description will appear for the whole team


SSO and LDAP functionality

Users will be able to centrally connect all participants to WEEEK.

Task manager

Sprints and Backlog

A new format for working on tasks will appear

Task manager

Recurring tasks in Future

Never miss a date with recurring tasks. You’ll see all task recurrences in Calendar view.

Task manager

Zoom & Telemost Integration

You will be able to assign calls directly from WEEEK.


CRM and Tilda integration

All requests from the site will be displayed in WEEEK’s funnel


Workload Overview

You'll be able to view employee workload by hours and tasks on a daily basis. This feature assists in efficiently planning the volume of work for each team member

Task manager


These will optimize work processes by automating repetitive actions based on configured rules, given certain events occur

Task manager

Custom Fields in Projects

We will add the ability to create custom fields in the Project Overview. You will be able to record the project budget, create your own statuses, and other fields with information

Task manager

Microsoft Office File Viewing and Editing

The ability to view Microsoft Office files, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, directly in WEEEK without needing to download them will be introduced. You will even be able to edit these files

In progress 9

Knowledge base

New Table in Knowledge base

Drag and drop rows and columns as needed


CRM and e-mail integration

All transactions will be displayed in WEEEK’s funnel

Knowledge base

Story of docs versions

Will add an automatic saving of documents versions and a feature to retrieve an older version of docs

Task manager

Task templates

Once they're out, you can quickly set up tasks using these ready-made templates. It's perfect for those repetitive tasks.


File System

Ensures organized storage, management, and access to files uploaded in tasks, documents, or deals within the workspace

Task manager

iOS App Update

We're jazzing up navigation, fixing annoying bugs, and adding handy features like tags, start/end dates, and multiple assignees for better task management

Task manager

New Comments

We are updating the comments in tasks. Reactions will be added and the ability to reply to comments will become available



The ability to create charts and build dashboards based on data from the service, including Tasks and CRM, will be introduced

Task manager


Forms will provide a simple and clear way for your team or clients to submit requests and information. Requests from the form will create tasks

Done 46

Task manager

Custom fields

Tasks will be able to create a "custom field" - an additional field for fixing typed information about the task.

Task manager


A feature for connoisseurs of the Kanban method in project management. It will be possible to set a limit on the number of tasks in the kanban board column.

Task manager

Blocking and Blocked Tasks

We'll be introducing the ability to set up relationships between tasks, indicating which tasks are blocking progress and/or which ones are being blocked by others

Knowledge base

Collaborative editing

We will add collaborative editing of documents in real-time


New level of access to WEEEK – «Guests»

It will be possible to invite users to the workspace, who will only be able to view and comment.

Task manager

Synchronization calendar time

Tasks and meetings from Yandex, Google, Apple, and another calendar will be displayed not only with date but also with the exact time

Task manager

Group Chat Bot in Telegram

You'll be able to add the bot to a group Telegram chat with colleagues or clients and receive task notifications from it


Projects Gantt Chart

You will be able to visualize the project workflow for the team and follow the progress

Task manager

Connecting a Team and Users to a Project

It will be possible to connect a team to the project to always be aware of who is responsible for the execution

Task manager

Tasks Gantt Chart

The task management process will become more transparent. The team will be able to track task progress and control project deadlines.

Task manager

Task Basket

Now you can restore deleted tasks quickly

Knowledge base

Comments in the Knowledge Base

Teamwork on documents will become more comfortable

Task manager

Ideas Update

Ideas just got more exciting! We’ve redesigned it a little bit and added the ability to react on idea with emoji.

Workspace Task manager

Google-calendar integration

It will be possible to synchronize the calendar with projects and workspaces in WEEEK – tasks will be automatically uploaded to the desired project or workspace.


Private funnels in CRM

t will be possible to regulate access to deals and clients inside the funnel.

Task manager

Export to Excel

It will enable to export tasks into Excel tables.

Task manager

New Task

Design and size update of the task window.

Knowledge base

Knowledge Base 3.0

Add new blocks and update current ones. Text background colors will appear.

Task manager

Several users on one task

It will be able to set several responsible users on one task



A new top-level role for big teams – broad abilities in the management of roles, accesses, payments, and the delegation ownership of workspaces

Task manager

Gant 2.0

We will add a feature for creating new tasks and filtering them by user, project, priority, and type. All subtasks will be displayed near parent tasks

Task manager

Notifications 2.0

Will update current notifications, add several new ones, and fix bugs


User profile of workspace team member

There will be a personal user profile page for workspace team members with an ability to edit it


CRM analytics

We will add the basic analytics review on funnels and transactions in CRM


Grouping by projects

You can merge project folders to quick find the needed information


File management mini service


Avatars and covers management module

The avatar settings are now consist of more than just a picture but: an icon, color, text, an avatar from WEEEK and covers from users.

Task manager

New project menu

The side bar with projects will show more projects and you will be able to create and group them to "Folders".

Knowledge base

Knowledge base 2.0

We are creating a new text editor to our knowledge base. There will be more blocks to edit text, ability to mark favourites and document privacy. Managing is becoming more convenient.

Task manager

Project settings

There will be added periods, cover, ability to specify roles and bind a team to projects.

Task manager

Entity templates

We are creating a templates module. In the first step, you will be able to create project templates. On the second - templates for boards and tasks. The next step will be public templates from users.


Public API

Now in the workspace settings you can create a key and use our API


Customer and contracting parties management in CRM

We are preparing the opportunity to maintain a database of customers and contracting parties for the CRM service

Task manager

Project overview

The project will have a common page with the current status, team and description


New filter

All sections now have a new flexible filter. Search by multiple artists, tags, period, etc.

Task manager

Project portfolios

Task manager

Task time tracking

There used to be a timer, now there will be a manual fixation of time together with a timer.

Task manager

Time analytics of time spent on the project/task

Mention in comments

Task manager

Updating a modal window for quick view PDF files

Looking through the documents will become possible without downloading — right inside WEEEK

Task manager

Monthly calendar

It will help you plan not only for the week, but also for the month ahead.

Knowledge base

Attaching files to the Knowledge Base

You will be able to save the file inside the document

Knowledge base

Import files from Notion

Moving from Notion will be available in a few clicks


Sharing files from WEEEK

Sharing files just got easier

Task manager

Project Analytics

You will be able to track the performance of project's tasks

Knowledge base

Private Documents

It will be possible to make Documents in the knowledge base private

New ideas 9

Idea from user

Boards in boards

Filter tasks by creator

Integration with Zoom

Moving boards between projects

I really miss the ability to not only copy boards, but copy and move between projects.

Compact view on the Tasks tab

Add the ability to turn off / off the compact view of tasks when displayed in the Kanban board format by day of the week.

Remember the display of the project folder

Added a folder with projects inside it. Each time you have to expand the folder, because it folds back after updating the page)


Dependence of the project (task) on tasks (subtasks, checklists), i.e. so that it was impossible to set the status COMPLETED, with an unfulfilled task (subtask)


Add to Yandex tools

Add to the tools the ability to work with Yandex disk and Yandex documents. Now there is miro, Google Docs. I would like to have a domestic alternative 😊

Task reminder at task time

Make it so that by default the notification was not an hour before the event, but exactly at the time?

Selected ideas 6

Displays task creator in the task card

Matching the color of the project with the color of the project name in the workspace

Repeat the assigned color for the project (in the tab project → overview → cover) and in the tasks themselves on the “All tasks” page

Task manager

Print tasks

Make it possible to print tasks in different views, day, week, month, general list of tasks (or export to, for example, PDF, so that you can print. )

Mind cards

Mind maps, or intelligence maps, are a way of organizing information in the form of associative or logical schemes. It would be cool if the project had the ability to create mind maps (change the presentation of tasks in the project) right in the manager itself, and not through other applications. So the project and its stages / stages will be more visually understandable to the team.

Filter/sort by tags

There are tags, but it's not clear what to do with them)

Tasks from mail

Integration with mail services

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