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Easy to use
All tools are always within your reach - exactly where you expect them to be
Get more done
All functions on management, control and project management are included in one product - WEEEK
At WEEEK, we take our data safety obligations seriously. Choose us and make data losses a fact of the past, we’ll have your data at your fingertips all week
WEEEK can be used for anything; from personal schedules and task lists, to a full blown project management system you can use with your coworkers
Dark mode
Use a color scheme you're comfortable with. Want the classic view? Choose the white color scheme. Want your project management software to be gentler on the eyes, or match the color of your IDE? You can't go wrong with Dark mode.
Task categories
When creating a task, choose between three standard types: a phone call, a meeting and an action. WEEEK will simplify your schedule by having each type displayed differently.
Are you a power user? Navigate through tasks, meetings and calls in a jiffy with hotkeys.
Shift + 1
Choose a task type
Shift + 2
Choose a person responsible for a task
Shift + 3
Choose a project for a task
Shift + 4
Choose a list for a task
Push reminders in your browser
Never miss a deadline or a meeting with Weeek's powerful notification system.
Jack, at 11.00 you are assigned the task “Call Kate about the contract”
Voice tasking
In the near future, we are launching an innovative way to determine a task. The user gets such an opportunity by using personal assistants : Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple. The version will be available for your mobile application earlier.
Take WEEEK with you
It became even more convenient to create, execute, assign tasks with our mobile application.
Download now and get instant access to your tasks.
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Have a suggestion on how we can improve WEEEK? Share it with us and we'll quickly review it.
“It is the witness still of excellence. To put a strange face on his own perfection.”
William Shakespeare

Everyone is inundated with tasks big and small. Sometimes it seems impossible to keep everything straight in your head. At WEEEK, we believe that managing responsibilities doesn't have to be so hard.

WEEEK is a web-based task management system that allows users more control over time allocation, helping you do more and work less. Our task management tool helps you organise any activity; redecorating the house, planning the wedding, birthday, relocation, or just going shopping and checking your grocery list. This app is ideal for those who want to monitor their productivity and analyze themselves. Try our pomodoro timer, and lean into the agile methodology. Forget worrying about notebooks, calendars, and stacks of paper which like to hide when you need them, our visual project management software will help you take control of all your tasks and identify weak spots in your self-organization.

Run your own business? Manage large projects? Let our app take you to the next level! This is the best task management software for small and medium-size businesses alike.

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