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All you need to launch projects faster: plan, organize and collaborate in a simple to use interface
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WEEK helps well-known companies effectively manage their tasks

Easy to use
All tools are always within your reach - exactly where you expect them to be
Get more done
All functions on management, control and project management are included in one product. In the Weeek
Loss of data is a sad and unpleasant fact. It is also critical for projects. We take our data safety obligations seriously. All data entered in the Weeek, will remain in the Week
Weeek can be used for anything: a personal schedule, side project task list or a full blown project management system you can use with your coworkers.
Dark mode
Use a color scheme you're comfortable with. Want a classic experience? Choose the white color scheme. Want your project management software to match the color of your IDE? You can't go wrong with Dark mode.
Task categories
At the stage of creating a task, you will be offered to choose among three standard types of tasks: a phone call, a meeting and an action. Depending on a task type, Weeek will display it in particular way and notify you thereof by means of push notification service.
Are you a power user? Navigate through tasks, meetings and calls in a jiffy with hotkeys.
Shift + 1
Choose a task type
Shift + 2
Choose a person responsible for a task
Shift + 3
Choose a project for a task
Shift + 4
Choose a list for a task
Push reminders in your browser
Never miss a deadline or a meeting with Weeek's powerful notification system.
Jack, at 11.00 you are assigned the task “Call Kate about the contract”
Voice tasking
In the near future, we are launching an innovative way to determine a task. The user gets such an opportunity by using personal assistants : Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple. The version will be available for your mobile application earlier.
Take WEEEK with you
It became even more convenient to create, execute, assign tasks with our mobile application.
Download now and get instant access to your tasks.
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Have a suggestion on how we can improve Weeek? Share it with us and we'll quickly review it.
“It is the witness still of excellence. To put a strange face on his own perfection.”
William Shakespeare

Everyone has a lot of tasks to do. Sometimes it is impossible to keep that straight in one's head. So, we are sure it would be a lot easier if you tried our online tasks management software.

WEEEK is a web based task management system that allows users more control over the allocation of time with regards to the tasks implementation. First of all, work task management helps you to organise various activities such as redecorating the house, planning the wedding, birthday, relocation, even going shopping and checking grocery list. Also, this app is ideal for those who want to monitor their productivity and analyze themselves. So, there are no more problems related to stake of papers and notebooks, visual task management software in your gadget will help you to control all your tasks and identify weak spots in your self-organization.

Run your own business? Manage large projects? Team tasks management app helps you to get it even better! This is the best task management software for small business.

With WEEEK you can plan your tasks, callings, meeting for the nearest time. Notification in Telegram won't let you forget none of this. Also, WEEEK is the best task management software for small team because it allows you without any problems to connect to the employee task management system all staff members and monitor their work, make notices and comments and manage the project in the right way at all. In other words, you can use our task management software for group collaboration. There is another advantage should be mentioned. Online tasks management tool allows to choose between two palettes: white and black that makes it appropriate for employees who used to work in certain colour gamma. If you used to work not only in daylight but at night it would be very helpful for your eyes too.

So, our project and tasks management software is the most convenient way to manage your time. It doesn't matter for private or team tasks you are going to use our app, our collaborative tasks management software will help you organise your time schedule properly.

So many tasks to do? Do not know how to organize your time schedule and monitor your employees' work at the same time? We have solved this problem! Let us introduce our free task management software. WEEEK is online team task manager that allows you to manage time, collaborate with partners and run your own business in the right way.

First of all, you will have your own account to note all important deals and events. Our work task manager provides notification in Telegram that won't let you miss none of them. So, there is no more point in carrying stacks of papers and notebooks around, all necessary notes are on your gadget. It doesn't matter private or team tasks you are going to do, online task management tool is perfectly adapted for every kind of tasks. Furthermore, WEEEK is the best task manager for small team. There is also no more reason to call staff members and define rules for each of them, collaborative task management software provides online connection, so, you can supervise the staff, monitor their work, make comments and notes for all of them at once. So, what's it all add up to? WEEEK is one of the most useful and convenient team task management app. Just try it and focus on truly important things!

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