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Product Managers

Product Managers

Launch products without breaking deadlines

Achieve your product, marketing and sales KPIs. Correctly distribute tasks and monitor the progress of the product.

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Launch products without breaking deadlines

Plan a road map

To create a cool product, you need to have a clear development plan and understand the direction in which you need to move. All this can be done in WEEEK.

Plan sprints

You can use boards and groups to capture milestones and deadlines so that the team knows what work to focus on and can track progress.

Run smoothly

Multi-level tasks with parameters allow you to think through a project of any complexity in detail and move to launch, closing one task after another.

Allocate resources

In special reports, you can view the workload and reallocate work to use all the team's capabilities and meet the budget and deadlines.

Have brainstorming sessions

WEEEK has a special section where you can record your ideas and discuss them with colleagues. The best ideas can be turned into tasks.

Working with a PRO

With it, you can create products of any scale and complexity.

Come up with cool products

Come up with cool products

Spend time working with the team and creativity, and WEEEK will help you with task management.

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tasks, projects, Kanban boards, Gantt, calendars, reminders and notifications in Telega™ - all this is free in the team for you