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Team and project calendar

Work in weekly iterations

Plan your work and manage your affairs with a shared weekly calendar.

  • 14-day trial

  • No need to configure

  • All features included

Work in weekly iterations

Switch between Calendar and Boards

In WEEEK, tasks can be viewed in both Calendar mode and Board mode. Choose what is more convenient for you.

See what the team is working on

You can view each employee's personal calendar at any time to see who is doing what.

Filter and sort tasks on the calendar

Tasks on the calendar can be filtered not only by performer, but also by type and priority. And sort by importance, type, deadline, and duration.

Convenient calendar. And more

Convenient calendar. And more

WEEEK helps you make plans for a day, week, or month and see your personal workload at any time.

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tasks, projects, Kanban boards, Gantt, calendars, reminders and notifications in Telega™ - all this is free in the team for you