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Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Become more effective

No time for "I'll finish it later". Manage your resources correctly, do everything on time and don't burn out.

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Become more effective

Keep everything in one place

In WEEEK, you can configure all your projects and tasks, share comments, files, and other useful materials. Important information is easy to find at the right time.

Set your priorities

Thanks to the system of priorities and the appointment of responsible people, everyone always knows who should do what and when. In WEEEK, everyone can effectively plan their time.

Plan things

Tasks in projects can be viewed as a list, calendar, Kanban Board, or timeline — so the team always knows what goals and how to achieve them.

Your productivity is not the limit

Your productivity is not the limit

WEEEK will help you save time on your routine and direct it to important tasks.

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tasks, projects, Kanban boards, Gantt, calendars, reminders and notifications in Telega™ - all this is free in the team for you