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Project Management

Project Management

Complete projects on time

Keep up to date with current issues, set priorities and distribute tasks among team members.

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Complete projects on time

Create projects

You can give each project a name, description, and invite people to work together. If there are many projects, you can combine them into a workspace.

Plan your work

You can use multi-level tasks with parameters (deadline, etc.) to manage a project of any complexity.

Organize your work

For example, you can move an issue to the "In progress" column or add it to the "Copywriting"group.

Assign those responsible

If you work in a team, WEEEK will help you clearly define the responsibilities of employees, so that everyone does what they are good at.

Allocate resources

In special reports, you can view workloads and reallocate work to use all the team's capabilities and meet your budget and deadlines.

Work with a PRO

With it, you can manage really large-scale projects.

With WEEEK, managing projects is easy

With WEEEK, managing projects is easy

Properly manage your own and team resources, and WEEEK will help you with the rest.

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