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Track tasks
Task status for each project and performer in real time. Now the tasks will not be lost
Share files
Attach files of any convenient format to the tasks
Discuss projects and ideas
Share your thoughts and clarify tasks without departing from tasks and projects
Work coordination
Set tasks, assign artists and deadlines. It remains only to trace
Project chat
You no longer need one hundred thousand chats in various instant messengers. Discuss the work right in the project
Choose a convenient way to notify about tasks and always be aware of what is happening in the projects
Some feedback from our regular users
Review on task scheduler from Marquis L. Harris
Marquis L. Harris
Hi, My name is Marquis L. Harris and I am an American teacher and writer. With these two occupations I stay very busy with a schedule full of important things to do. I think it is important to take good notes everyday so that I always remember what I need to do and so I do them in a timely fashion. WEEEK is a very good tool for these purposes. I highly recommend that if you are a person who also stays very busy with many things to do, then you use WEEEK for professional reasons. Others will take notice and will enjoy your services. Marquis
American teacher and writer
Review on task scheduler from Julia Kostrikina
Julia Kostrikina
Before WEEEK, I have used many task managers. Unfortunately, everywhere you need to buy a subscription or additional options. There is no such problem here. The free version is more than enough for personal use, the service is user-friendly and understandable. I was satisfied.
Marketing Specialist of "KIA"
Review on task scheduler from Alexandra
I am a teacher and a director. I set a lot of tasks and fulfill them day after day. The best way to remember everything is to use a task manager. I had tried a lot of them before I found Weeek. I like convenient choice of options, laconic design and notifications. App develops. I recommend it to busy people, who value the time.
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